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Learning Reacts

Our compilation of best resources out there

Hruthik Reddy

Hruthik Reddy

12th Feb 2024

Frontend Hire Tips

  • Do not jump directly into React without learning foundational JavaScript!
  • React at its core is simple, and most of the complexity comes from the ecosystem of React.
  • If your foundations are strong, you can easily be comfortable in the React ecosystem.
  • Learn the different component design patterns as quickly as possible.
  • Have this roadmap from in your bookmarks and refer to it often.

Our Top List Of Courses To Do

Choose only one, and immediately switch if the chosen one does not suit your learning style (money can be earned back but time?)

  1. The Joy of React

    Recommended Paid

    Interactive courses are the best. This course comes with a lot of fun and joy while teaching you almost everything you'd ever need. Highly recommended!

    Author: Josh W Comeau

  2. The new React docs are amazing and will teach great foundational skills.

    Author: React Team and external contributors

  3. Advanced React

    Recommended Paid

    This is a book that teaches you the why behind React and makes the advanced concepts feel basic. Highly Recommended!

    Author: Nadia Makarevich

  4. This course is the most practical one out there. Brian has a great teaching style and you will learn a lot in a short time! Once done with this, continue with the Intermediate React course.

    Author: Brian Holt on Frontend Masters

  5. Our founder started with this course. It is a great course for complete beginners! The best part is the structure of topics.

    Author: Maximilian Schwarzmüller

  6. Jonas is well known for his JavaScript course. He took time to create this React course and we can confirm that it doesn't disappoint.

    Author: Jonas Schmedtmann

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