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List of Courses
  • New Course
    Dynamic Pricing Page

    Dynamic Pricing Page

    Learn to build a dynamic pricing page customized based on the user's location.

  • Todo App

    Todo App

    We teach more than just Svelte, TypeScript and TDD with this course.

  • Login Register Flow

    Login Register Flow

    Learn how to build a login and register flow with E2E tests and Supabase.

  • Stackpack


    Build a Sandpack clone with WebContainers in React and TypeScript.

  • Todo App

    Todo App

    We teach more than just React, TypeScript and TDD with this course.

  • All courses come with written walkthroughs.
  • Select ones come in video.
  • Optimized to teach you 20% of stuff for 80% of the results.
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System Design

List of Courses
  • Our take on Frontend System Design.
  • A unique approach that starts with a problem statement.
Learn to Design Great Systems


  • Simulated and Real Interviews.
  • Folks from the community provide discounted mock-interviews.
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Garima Pandey
Topmate Testimonial

He explained so well and introduced a lot of resources which would help me further for the interview!!

Shivam kaushal
Topmate Testimonial

It was a wonderfull experience meeting Hruthik, he was really friendly got me great insights on how to build quality projects and how to learn in public

Sooraj Utsav Revankar
Software Developer at DLT Apps | PES University

We have worked together and I found Hruthik highly dedicated and skilled professional. He is always keen to explore new things and used to introduce the latest tech to the team(with so many pros in it than the ones we were already using in our projects). He's a great teammate to work with. I highly recommend him.

Topmate Testimonial

It was great having mock interview with Hruthik. He provides a blunt and constructive feedback that helps in identifying weak points during an interview. He shares good resources and suggests resume tips as well.

Topmate Testimonial

Loved the explanations, at regular intervals he emphasised on mistakes that are generally made and what should we do instead of that. And he had documented everything very well, so that we can go and refer after the session.

Himanshu Shekhar
Topmate Testimonial

Informative. Like the way how he explained with clarity and keep check of the doubt from time to time.

Rajdeep Gupta
Topmate Testimonial

I was truly impressed by the abundance of valuable feedback, insightful approaches, well-crafted answers, and engaging discussions. He provided concise and constructive feedback, along with actionable takeaways. I highly recommend this experience!

Tanuj Mittal
Topmate Testimonial

I liked giving this Mock Interview to Hruthik. He shared a very relevant feedback and well researched resources to rectify current gaps.

Sandeep Kumar Srivastava
Topmate Testimonial

This was really fruitful conversation. He answered all my queries clearly, shared lots of resources that are important for the interview prep. Thank you very much!

Mainak Mukherjee
Topmate Testimonial

Hruthik is truly an amazing guy and he is so damn helpful. He literally taught me how to set up a proper project. He would give the task and also guide me through it teaching the conventions and also making me apply it.

The interview was supposed to be 45 min but he took it to 1 hr 40 min just to explain the points, give feedback and also making me feel comfortable. It was an incredible experience for me.

Topmate Testimonial

This session was very helpful and insightful. He explained to me like he was explaining things to a baby and that made me understand exactly what he was talking about. Thank you for being so friendly!

Murali Singh
Topmate Testimonial

I found Hruthik Reddy to be exceptionally helpful and courteous. He adeptly addressed all my inquiries, leaving me with a clear understanding. I look forward to reconnecting with him in the future.

Suraj Bhan
Software Development Engineer | Founding Team HireHunch

Hruthik is a very passionate and knowledgeable person. I enjoyed working with him. He has very deep knowledge of programming and design. Hruthik has a helping nature and I learnt a lot from him during our short tenure of working together, about React, Typescript, Redux, Scss and most importantly how to write better, efficient, and scalable code.

Hruthik is able to excel in any technical skill due to his passion and quick learning nature. I recommend Hruthik for any software professional job and all the best for his future.